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Fruit and Veggie Bags

Fruit and Veggie Bags


These are a terrific way to “Say No To Plastic”when buying fruit and vegetables. Available in three different sizes these bags are meant to be used at the point of weighing loose fruit and vegetables. The net fabric allows the cashier to see the products and the sticky weight label can be attached to the cloth label or around the handle. They are reusable and washable. or you can just use them to store your fruit and vegetables in the fridge.


Size: Small: 15x18cm; Medium: 21x31cm; Large:32x39cm


Material:- 100% organic cotton


Care: Machine wash at 40 degrees C.

  • Producer Group

    The bags are stitched in JPMM a women’s society in a leprosy colony in S. India and by a number of other sewing groups supplying MESH. This is one of the few products that MESH gets made by artisans in a number of different rehab units or leprosy communities so as to be able to supply in large volumes. 

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