Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven  Eri Silk Scarf

Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven Eri Silk Scarf


Perfect Diwali gifts for someone you love.  These silk scarves are made without killing the silk worm and their lovely hand spun feel makes them a great choice for the cooler evenings between Divali and Holi. 


Each scarf is hand spun and hand woven by artisans in Little Flower Khadhi and Village Industries Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, in Sunderpur.  ifting a Little Flower Scarf means you contrinute to changing lives.


Each scarf will come with a free gift bag. Gift bag colour and pattern may vary from the picture.


Changing Lives one gift at a time


size: 50x200cm


Materials: 100% silk


Care: Gentle hand wash, dry in the shadeor dry clean







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