Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven  Eri Silk Scarf

Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven Eri Silk Scarf


Perfect gifts for someone you love.  These silk scarves are made without killing the silk worm and their lovely hand spun feel makes them a great choice for all seasons. 


Each scarf is hand spun and hand woven by artisans in Little Flower Khadhi and Village Industries Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, in Sunderpur.  ifting a Little Flower Scarf means you contrinute to changing lives.


Each scarf will come with a free gift bag. Gift bag colour and pattern may vary from the picture.


Changing Lives one gift at a time


size: 50x200cm


Materials: 100% silk


Care: Gentle hand wash, dry in the shadeor dry clean