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We love Christmas in MESH, we have a small tree in the shop which we decorate with balls, bells and stars from Kashmir and this year with pine wood hangings from Khadim Handicrafts as well. There will be stars hanging from the ceiling and lights in the window and we are out at some great Christmas bazaars.

Poster advertising a German Christmas Market

The first is this weekend at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where we will be selling at The German Christmas Market, a lovely bustling annual event. Those same Christmas decorations will be on sale there along with a variety of textile products, perfect as gifts, and bags and of course fantastic soft toys from Prowess and Blue Mango in Tamil Nadu and Kiran in Varanasi. Please do come along and enjoy the holiday feel.

A white poster with a yellow heading advertising a disability fair in delhi

Another exciting disability linked event we will be selling at is on 4th and 5th December at Tyagraj Stadium. In Hope: We Dare, Divya Utsav will be highlighting products and especially “green” products made by people with disabilities across India, it is the perfect venue to display and sell all our products.

A white poster with red picturs and writing advertising a Christmas Carnival

On 9th December we are selling at a very special Inclusive Christmas Carnival with a focus on ensuring the inclusion of people with disabilities.  It is happening at the YWCA in Dwaraka. There will be Christmas carols, games and people who are visually impaired running the kitchen. We hope we shall all have fun together in an inclusive atmosphere. Please do try and make it and bring along anyone you know with a disability; the building is fully accessible and there will be volunteers to help wherever it might be needed. 

Rohit, who has worked with us for more than 20 years will be looking after our stall in Tyagraj Stadium and also at the Carnival.  He has cerebral palsy but is a capable and regular member of our team and we hope seeing him in that role will encourage the guests with disability as well as dispel some myths that people with disability cannot really work.

A black poster of the night with sparkles on the right side, advertising a Chritsmas mela is a school

So we are out and about in Delhi and if you are in greater Noida you can find us there too at the Metro Delhi International School on Saturday 2nd December for their Christmas Mela. We always enjoy school melas, this one we are attending for the first time and hope to see you there.

A picture of a woman siting ina wheel chair measuring a piece of tpe. She is sitting in a handicraft workshop

Each event is unique and each one an opportunity for you to buy the products we sell that change lives.  Take Asha Bharti, who joined Kiran Village, a centre for education and training of people with disabilities near Varanasi.  She learned new skills and discovered her own strength and determination. She uses her skills to make products that MESH sells (including some of our lovely soft toys)) and so has realized her dreams including marriage and motherhood.

This Christmas season choose to shop for a cause,buy our wonderful top-quality products and in the process change lives.  See you around town! 

A picture of a message saying Shop for  A Cause in green font on a white background.

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