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IDS 14 Embossed  3 Fold Umbrellas

IDS 14 Embossed 3 Fold Umbrellas


These lovely brightly coloured umbrellas have a pretty flower design embossed into the fabric and a silver undercoat. Chose from 3 great colours  and make a gorgeous colour statement for a rainy day!

They are three fold making them more compact and they come in a plastic sleeve.


Please note floral patterns may vary.

Please contact us if you would like to order in bulk for branding and corporate gifting.

Open Diameter Size - 113 - 122 CM
Packed Umbrella Size- 32-35 CM


These may look like ordinary umbrellas but they are actually very special:-
1. Visually impaired men and women assemble the frames using feel and touch,
2. Hearing impaired men and women sew the canopies
3. Screen printing of the brand is done on the canopy by men with intellectual disabilities.
4. The spring is loaded on the frame by a person with autism
5. Hearing impaired women attach the canopies by hand.
6. Packing and other work is done by men and women with various disabilities.

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