Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag



This toiletry bag is made in an exclusive print designed  for MESH and screen printed by hand in a Rehab and Training Unit in Hubli. The outer fabric is cotton and the inner is lined with nylon net.  It can stand open on the bathroom shelf or better still hang open from a hook in the bathroom.  The nylon net means thatit is easy to see where everything is stored and once folded and zipped up it is ready for packing.


Very useful for any kind of travel or stay away from home as it is big enough for most toiletries and the individual pockets allow for tidy seperation of different types of cosmetic items.


There are two pockets inside the long flap. two compartments in the bottom pocket and a narrow net zip pocket for combs, hair clips etc .


 Size:  Closed - W30xH25xD11cm. Open:  W30 x H59* x D 11cm 

* length open includes the metal hanging hook.


Materials: Cotton and nylon


Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.  Can be washed by hand if absolutely necessary