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Gifts changing lives

When we in MESH brought together our range of festival gifts we were wondering what the response will be. Lots of people are out of work, many are not going to be able to get “home” to celebrate and everywhere are masks and restrictions. But the festivals coming up are about hope and so with a positive mind set we gathered together a small collection of lovely things and decided to call them Gifts Changing Lives, I thought you might like to know a little more about them and how they are changing lives.

First of all those lovely gift bags and boxes.

They are from AADI, here in Delhi. AADI works to facilitate enabling environments for people with disabilities and amongst other activities for employment they make paper handicrafts. Years ago I went to see their production unit and was amazed that people affected by cerebral palsy who were really wobbly with all kinds of jerky movements could be trained in block printing. Imagine the delight of their familiy members as they realised that perhaps their youngster who they thought could never earn can not only earn but can do so by creating something lovely. Removing barriers for employment and providing opportunities to learn and earn ensure people with disabilities can contribute to family income and experience an improved status in society.

We in MESH are delighted that we could add enormous value to the handwoven cotton and silk scarves by offering them in hand block printed boxes which can be used to store other precious goodies after the festival. And we are proud to be offering you a free gift bag with every purchase from this range.

Changing Lives one Gift at a Time!

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