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Men and Eri Silk Scarves

Recently, when we were recruiting a designer for MESH, I was most interested to see work in the candidates’ portfolios on two subjects; the first was sustainability and the second, which surprised me somewhat, was about androgynous fashion. Then a couple of days ago I received this great picture of a friend at a league football match in UK wrapped in a Little Flower eri silk scarf and it got me thinking how hard it has been to sell our eri silk scarves as gifts for men. A few years ago, one customer chose carefully discreet dark colours and ordered for onward sale to men but whenever we mentioned it to other buyers, they seemed to think they wouldn’t sell.

I recall that it would have been very difficult to convince my Dad to wear say a peach or pale green shirt, but that changed long ago so I wonder why our buyers are wary of our eri silk scarves for men. As this picture illustrates, they are both attractive and warm (football matches in English winters are notoriously cold).

Eri silk is spun without destroying the silk worm so it is sometimes considered peace or vegan silk and these scarves are made from scratch; the silk thread is hand spun which is then dyed by hand and finally each piece is hand woven. Every single scarf is textured slightly differently because of the hand spinning which produces little slubs (or bumps) of yarn. Giants in the handicraft world!

So, I thought I would try and scare away any doubts about their suitability for men with some more good pictures of the scarves in action.

First off, a cool young model from Little Flower community wearing a new design. Of course we could remove the fringes, or make them shorter and even change the size, you can let us know but you have to admit, it looks good.

Then what about Vipin in the park? Here the colours are lighter but they work really well with his pink and red checked shirt… nothing girlish about this sartorial style.

Grey and white are perhaps easier for the less adventurous to try out. Here Gokul has teamed the scarf with a blue sweater with great effect.

And finally with a jacket and light coloured scarf.

I wonder if I have convinced you.

All the scarves shown here are available in our shop in Uday Park Market, Delhi, and for bulk orders you may enquire here.


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