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Women at Work

MESH was 40 years old last year! We had grand plans to celebrate but the pandemic put paid to that so we have slipped into the 41st year quietly and must wait for the half century to party.

A major feature of these 41 years has been our desire for women, especially those with disabilities or affected by leprosy, to thrive both socially and economically. Over the years we have trained women in production skills, seen them learn how to do costing and pricing, watched them manage to collectively make decisions and run transparent ways of working and all the time earning and spending on their families.

About 80% of the artisans in the groups we buy from are women. They have weaving, sewing, tatting, printing, spinning and wood carving skills and their products are exported around the world.

We are enormously proud and privileged to work alongside them. So today on International Women’s Day, MESH is celebrating all the women who we have worked with from 1981 until now.

We would also like to celebrate the work of the late Mrs. Joan C. Nabert, one of a great bunch of women who started MESH, their vision was a fine one and we are delighted to keep it alive.

You might not be able to serve other women as we have been able to do but you can be involved by buying their products. Please consider placing an order for their products today and so honour their efforts (and become the proud owner of something lovely).

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